Naomi Hotta


Naomi is a Japanese American raised in both the US and Japan. In 2002 she fell in love with Tango, and started her path as a professional Tango dancer. She was frequently visiting Buenos Aires and avidly teaching and performing around the US. In 2013, she won the Official USA Argentine Tango Salon Championships, bringing her to Buenos Aires to compete in the World Championships where she became one of the finalists. Her love for the city reignited, where she took her final decision to leave her beloved home in California to indulge in a life of Tango. Right away, she started dancing in the streets of Caminito, La Boca. She also performed in various milongas as well as danced in the exclusive "Rojo Tango" show in the Faena Hotel alongside the Maestro, Carlos Copello. She continues to breathe and enjoy the culture of Tango in the mecca, as she gets to experience the exciting Portena life. As she likes to say "Tango is not just a dance, it's a way of life, the culture, the history, and the people"!