Francisca Durão

Francisca was born in Oporto, Portugal in 1983 and started to dance classical ballet at the age of 6. She also studied contemporary dance and jazz. In 2001 she started working as a dancer and dance teacher.  She fell in love with Argentine Tango when a group of Argentinean dancers gave a workshop in Portugal. At the same time she also began her studies in Architecture at Oporto’s Architecture College. In 2005, Oporto’s College asked her to choose a city for a one-year exchange program. She immediately thought about Buenos Aires where she would be able to combine her passion for Architecture and Tango. She arrived in Buenos Aires in 2006 and after one year she was completely engrossed with the city and its essence.

She returned to Portugal for a few months to finish her Architectural studies and to write her final thesis about how political and economic events had influenced architectural spaces, and how these spaces had supported social practices in Buenos Aires, such as tango dancing. In 2009 she came back to Buenos Aires and started working as a tango dancer and teacher. For her, Tango it not just a dance, it’s a powerful expression of the idiosyncrasy of the Argentine Society.