Cyrena Drusine

Photo by Kicca Tommasi

Narrative Tango Tours was co-founded by Cyrena Drusine, a professional tango dancer from New York City.  Cyrena came to Buenos Aires seven years ago and fell in love with the tango in Buenos Aires.  In 2007, one year after beginning tango, Cyrena won the first US tango championship and that same year finished as a finalist in the World Tango competition in the category Tango Salon in Buenos Aires.  She also completed a Masters at New York University in Performance Studies in 2008, where she wrote her thesis on the sensual experience of tango in Buenos Aires.  Cyrena has traveled to the United States, Europe, Asia and other regions of South America performing and teaching tango. 

Narrative Tango Tours developed out of her desire to show customers how tango can be felt not only in the milongas where it is danced, but also on street-corners, cafes and in the homes of Argentine people.